Book Announcements

Darkly Bright Press is pleased to announce the upcoming slate of books to be published in 2022. Release dates are purposely vague, so please stay tuned for updates.

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Catalog Number 014
Now A Major Motion Picture
by Joshua Alan Sturgill
In his long-awaited second collection, Sturgill continues to craft a cosmological vision in which poetry is catechism… the eternal song chanted amongst the stars.  
Softcover / May-June
Cover design: Copyright 2022 by Joshua Alan Sturgill

Catalog Number 015
by Richard W. Rohlin
The Ontheibar Eimbori was given to me in a dreamor perhaps in a waking dreamas long and brief as a lifetime, and just as full of tears…” Rohlin guides the reader through story and song threading both sacrament and myth into an exquisite tapestry.  
Limited Edition / Summer
The Well Woman: Copyright 2022 by Richard W. Rohlin

Catalog Number 016
Mist and Mystery
by Arthur Machen
The Apostle of Wonder continues to enchant those fortunate voyagers who discover him. In the tradition of classic collections such as Dog and Duck & Dreads and Drolls, Darkly Bright Press presents fugitive stories, essays and reviews rarely read since their original publication over a century ago.  
Multiple Formats / September-October

Catalog Number 017
Chasing the Burr
by Bryn Homuth
That sentiment, from knife sharpening, I like to imagine applies metaphorically to the work of writing, to pursue an edge, a sharpness in the craft, and to this idea of a constant honing, a constant attunement through observation in writing.”
Softcover / November-December
Photo: Copyright 2022 by Bryn Homuth

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