Ghost Stories

Of Sacraments & Ghosts by Christopher Tompkins

Asterix denotes accompanying audio

24  The Captain of the “Pole-Star” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle *    NEW

23  Night the First by A. D. Crake

22  Parson Clench by H. D. Everett 

21  In the Woods by Amyas Northcote 

20  The Dead and the Countess by Gertrude Atherton *

19  The Empty House by Algernon Blackwood *

18  A Romance of the Piccadilly Tube by Thomas Graham Jackson 

17  The Intoxicated Ghost by Arlo Bates *  

16  The Shadow of a Midnight & The Ikon by Maurice Baring * 

15  In the Confessional by Amelia Edwards

14  The Ghost Ship by Richard Middleton * 

13  The Golden Dahabeah by Margaret Benson

12  Mr Tilly’s Seance by E. F. Benson * 

11  A Strange Goldfield by Guy Boothby * 

10  Sister Maddelena by Ralph Adams Cram  *

9   The Upper Berth by F. Marion Crawford  *

8   The Traveller & Consolatrix Affictorum by R. H. Benson  *

 The Man with the Roller by E. G. Swain *

6   William Tyrwitt’s “Copy” by Bernard Capes  *

5   Eloise by Thomas David Andrews

4   Markheim by Robert Louis Stevenson  *

3   A Happy Release by Sabine Baring-Gould  *

2   Out of the Sea by A. C. Benson

1   Oh, Whistle, And I’ll Come to You, My Lad by M. R. James  *