The Apostle of Wonder

Welsh writer Arthur Machen (1863-1947) presents us with a dreadful ecstasy, one that we at Darkly Bright Press intend to explore through a decidedly theological lens by issuing a series of printed editions of his lesser known work, as well as presenting critical articles with original research. For books currently available, please refer to our catalog.

Machen Studies:


Visitations: An ongoing series on the role and impact of Celtic hagiography in the work of Arthur Machen


36  Yours Sincerely: The Letters of Arthur Machen   NEW

35  The Bowmen: A Twentieth Century Reality War 

34  The Most Beautiful Melody in the World 
             By guest essayist Jonathan Golding

33  Treading the Boards 

32  C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien… and Arthur Machen? (An Announcement)

31  Far Off Things, Chapter 4 

30  America & Mr. Arthur Machen

29  The Matter of Romance  


28  Far Off Things, Chapter 3

27  From a Lost Bookshelf 

26  Good October

25  The Islington Mystery

24  Machen on Crime & Detection

23  Arthur Machen’s Preface to The Ghost Ship   (Updated with Audio)

22  Text Comparison: The Iron Maid 1890 / 1895

21  A Poem for the Man in the Street

20  A Glorious Old Church

19  Far Off Things, Chapter 2

18  Angels

17  Machen on Blackwood


16  Christmas Shopping

15  Realism and Symbol

14  Ars Artium

13  Word and Voice: The Sound of Arthur Machen

12  Why You Should Should Read Arthur Machen  
By guest essayist Joshua Alan Sturgill

11  The Gift of Tongues

10  Opening the Door

9  Fairy Glens in Ulster

8  Far Off Things: March 3, 1863

7  Out of the Earth

6  Ghosts: The Problem of Psychic Phenomena 

5  A Quiet Talk with Mr. H. G. Wells 

4  Machen on Martians


3  The Goodly ‘Xmas Crowd

2  Alchemy & Transfiguration

1  The Holy Things with Commentary

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