The poetry of Joshua Alan Sturgill, the author of As Far As I Can Tell, is moving from strength to strength. The poet will soon see new works published in several, prestigious journals. As of this writing, all issues are upcoming.

Veronica will appear in Synaxis, the journal of the Eighth Day Institute.
Where I Ate Stillness & Poseidon Is Defeated will be featured in Forma, the journal of the CiRCE Institute.
I’ve Made Plans to Sail will be found in the pages of Cresset, the literary journal of Valparaiso University.

In addition, Sturgill is nearing completion on his second volume of poetry slated for release in 2020 by Darkly Bright Press. Meanwhile, you may find his regular series of essays on personhood, faith and culture here. The limited hardcover edition of Sturgill’s first collection of poerty is now out-of-print.