The Binding

The Binding: Artist’s Statement

WindowAssemblage, Mixed Media, Oil on Board, iconic figure, glass enamel and found objects


The Binding” is derived from a hymn attributed to St. Patrick… St. Patrick’s Breastplate. It is both a plea and an acknowledgement of the most Holy Trinitya cry for protection.

Illustrating this theme is an iconic image of the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, looking down on the earth with sympathy, love and concern. At the top of the icon piece is the letter ‘I’, pointing the viewer to themselves. Sitting on the shelf, which the icon projects, is a string of three beads, each bead similar, but intricately different. The agate beads depict each Person of the Triune God. Each bead is ‘crowned.’ Sitting also on the shelf is a heavenly blue vessel, carefully wrapped with beautiful threads and indicating the many strands that make up a life. A bell tied within the threads indicates soundthe breaking of silence in movement, in voice, in life. The vessel is set with a seal, the work of God’s Hands, and in the binding of ourselves to Him.

To the left side of the iconic image is a bundle of three gold-leafed sticks illustrating the binding of the Trinity as One, but separate. The binding’s fabric, an old hymnal spine, draws the eye to the verse of the Breastplate Hymn below. “I bind unto myself today / The strong name of the Trinity / By the invocation of the same / The Three in One, the One in Three.”

Behind the bound sticks, is a piece of cloth illustrating the principle that we are of one fabric with the Lord of all. Deeper still is a fragment on canvas, an illumination, enhanced with gold leaf. “This is old,” it seems to say, “This is written.”

Claire Brandenburg

The Binding: $400 + Tax & Shipping.

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All artwork and essays: copyright 2020 by Claire Brandenburg

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