The Gothic Word


Telling Time by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Kingdom of Heaven by Phillip Neal Tippin


Wells_clockMy Wandering Week, Part II … I saw the walls again at the time of the afterglow. Their creams and greys and ambers were all flushed, and were as rose-coloured samite; the figures of the Apostles and Saints, the Kings and the Martyrs that stand in their stories in the marvellous west front shone in clear glory. And then the dusk fell, and the great church became a vague height beneath the dim appearance of the evening stars.

Upcoming: Feast of St. Patrick


The festival will feature Father Gabriel Rochelle. For More information, visit the Eighth Day Institute.


Give Everything Away by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Labor by Mark Mosley


Glastonbury_Tor-_View_of_an_iconic_landmark_(geograph_5500644)My Wandering Week, Part I: It was not to be a holiday in the usual sense of the word. Holidays are fixed things, foreordained, and prearranged. You know where you are going, why you are going, and, very likely, what dishes the landlady cooks to best advantage. A holiday is an affair of the known; my trip–or whatever you like to call it–was to be an adventure of the unknown and unsurmised. Philosophically considered, the holiday-maker is a creature of the logical understanding; but I was to sally forth and get me gone to the region of Anywhere, a creature of the pure imagination. …

Far Off Things… The complete book

St DavidThis week, we celebrate the feast of St. David of Wales:

A Meditation by Fr. Gabriel Rochelle




Physics of Insight by Joshua Alan Sturgill

Profile (The County Road in January) by Phillip Neal Tippin


machen-webThis March 3rd is the 159th anniversary of the birth of Arthur Machen. To celebrate this and the centenary year of the publication of Far Off Things, we present the conclusion of our multiyear serialization of the book. Now, in one place, the entire volume can be read for free.


Orme1For the month of March, we will be traveling alongside the Apostle of Wonder as he journeys about England and Wales. We begin with A Week-End in North Wales.

By Very Wine, Man Is Made Divine


Song of the Pacific Boatman by Joshua Alan Sturgill

Unsaid Words by Claire Brandenburg

Recently, Deacon Anthony (Gaelan) Gilbert, the author of One Is Found First, appeared on an episode of the Amon Sûl podcast to discuss a chapter from The Hobbit.

The Weekly Machen

normal_SC003021The New Beer: I do not know that I am altogether sorry to have failed in the Quest of the Unholy Bottle! It was reported that the Liquor Control Board, ever tireless in its efforts to promote the joys and pleasures of the lieges had invented a new beer. It was not like common beer. It did not cheer. It did not inebriate. It simply created a sensation of fulness. …

To Those Whose Faith Is Truly Tried


Room of Exits by Joshua Alan Sturgill

Jacob and Esau by Thomas Barton


arthur-1920wGod and the War: Thus I fail to see that the “religious difficulties aroused by the present condition of the world” are legitimate difficulties; that is, if it is to be argued that we have suddenly been confronted by an entirely new set of facts, by fresh evidence, which must be met successfully, if we are going to hold to our belief in God.

The Joy of Living


Standard of Living by Joshua Alan Sturgill

Winter Musings by Benjamin Rozonoyer

The Weekly Machen

arthur-1920wThe Joy of Life: I am not become a prophet of the gospel of work for work’s sake – or for money’s sake either. I shall never be a good American, nor believe that hustling is in itself a virtue and that money, the result of hustling, is the supreme end of life. We live well when we fulfill the command that Rabelais made the motto of his great book – “Vivez joyeux,” live joyously. Joy is the end of life: everything that leads to that end is good, everything that turns a man from it is evil.  …

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A Reader of Curious Books by Arthur Machen is back in stock.

Birdsong in Bleak January

NEW POETRY: Bar Gods by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Weekly Machen

arthur-1920wThe Bugle and the Birds: In these days the words mystic, mysticism, are made, generally enough, the cover on the one hand of such frantic impostures and follies, on the other of such frigid and repulsive pedantries, that one hesitates to employ them. Yet one must not abandon one’s treasures to the enemy if by any possibility they may be saved…

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We are temporarily out of stock of A Reader of Curious Books by Arthur Machen. A new shipment of copies is en route.

Weekly Machen & A New Fairy Tale

New Prose & Poetry

Pamela Bruns offers a new fairy tale, The Three Youths. In this piece, she successfully weaves theological parable into a childlike tale of wonder.

Timing by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Weekly Machen

arthur-1920wToday, we begin a new series focused on the journalism of Arthur Machen. Far from being banal hackwork, Machen’s large body of articles reflects his desire to seek the ecstatic and wonderful in all things. A new article will posted every Thursday. In addition, Machen Studies will become a space for longer meditations on the writer’s work, with postings on an irregular basis.

The 2021 Inklings Festival is continuing to garner interest. Two brief write-ups appeared in the latest issue of Machenalia, a newsletter of the Friends of Arthur Machen. An item also appeared on scholar Douglas A. Anderson’s site Tolkien and Fantasy.

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