The Apostle of Wonder

Welsh writer Arthur Machen (1863-1947) presents us with a dreadful ecstasy, one that we at Darkly Bright Press intend to explore through a decidedly theological lens by issuing a series of printed editions of his lesser known work, as well as presenting critical articles with original research. For books currently available, please refer to our catalog.

Machen Studies:


Visitations: An ongoing series on the role and impact of Celtic hagiography in the work of Arthur Machen


31  Far Off Things, Chapter 4  NEW

30  America & Mr. Arthur Machen

29  The Matter of Romance  


28  Far Off Things, Chapter 3

27  From a Lost Bookshelf 

26  Good October

25  The Islington Mystery

24  Machen on Crime & Detection

23  Arthur Machen’s Preface to The Ghost Ship

22  Text Comparison: The Iron Maid 1890 / 1895

21  A Poem for the Man in the Street

20  A Glorious Old Church

19  Far Off Things, Chapter 2

18  Angels

17  Machen on Blackwood


16  Christmas Shopping

15  Realism and Symbol

14  Ars Artium

13  Word and Voice: The Sound of Arthur Machen

12  Why You Should Should Read Arthur Machen  
By guest essayist Joshua Alan Sturgill

11  The Gift of Tongues

10  Opening the Door

9  Fairy Glens in Ulster

8  Far Off Things: March 3, 1863

7  Out of the Earth

6  Ghosts: The Problem of Psychic Phenomena 

5  A Quiet Talk with Mr. H. G. Wells 

4  Machen on Martians


3  The Goodly ‘Xmas Crowd

2  Alchemy & Transfiguration

1  The Holy Things with Commentary

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