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Chasing the Burr by Bryn Homuth is now available for purchase.


Joshua Alan Sturgill: Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 30 by Phillip Neal Tippin

A poem for Candlemas by Benjamin Rozonoyer


AM-halftoneA Queer Creation of a Child of Three: Carlyle once said something which he meant to be very disparaging about the novels and romances of Sir Walter Scott. He declared that they were just the sort of books that seemed to be written to amuse an idle man lying on a sofa; there was no “doctrine” in them, nothing but a sort of soothing draught or opiate for brains too tired and too feeble to grapple with predestination and election and such weighty natters. Now, of course, Carlyle was all wrong about one of the best romance-writers that the world has ever known.

Chasing the Word…

Bonus: Arthur Machen on Lewis Carroll

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Chasing the Burr by Bryn Homuth: Available February 2, 2023

An Interview with the Poet

From the upcoming collection: Plucking


Read and listen to Texit by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 29 by Phillip Neal Tippin



By the Avon: Then from all quarters of the earth the old Bensonian company will gather together to do their ancient suit and service; they will muster beside a celestial Avon, at the portals of an immemorial theatre, and I, their humble scribe in an old cloak, reclining on the banks of asphodel, will record the achievements of these strolling heroes.

Chasing the Burr: February 2, 2023

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Darkly Bright Press is pleased to announce the publication of Chasing the Burr, the first full-length collection by poet Bryn Homuth on February 2nd. Presenting nuanced and subtle theological imagery, Homuth’s work focuses on the themes of life, death and memory. The poet beautifully positions family, community and labor as foundational cornerstones for a traditional and hierarchical understanding of creation.


For his 250th post, Joshua Alan Sturgill presents One Question Asked Three Ways

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 28 by Phillip Neal Tippin

Save A Seat by Linda Lobmeyer


AM-halftoneDivorce “Shops”: Well, speaking as a Churchman, a mediævalist, a reactionary, as a man who invariably locks up his silver spoons when he hears the words “humanity,” “advanced ideas,” “enlightened and progressive reform,” and all others such phrases, I need not say that I renounce and abhor and detest the Royal Commission and all its works “like a good ‘un.”

Paradise in a Flash of Blinding Light…

Happy Hen Galan!

Sant_Ilar_(st_ilar)_('St_Hilary's_Church'_is_NEVER_used),_Llanilar,_Aberystwyth,_Ceredigion,_Cymru_68In this classic article, we explore the possible identity of the enigmatic holy man from The Secret Glory, The Great Return and Levavi Oculos: St. Ilar the Unknown Saint. His feast day is this weekend.


To Thusness by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 27 by Phillip Neal Tippin


Early Books of 1913: As it seems to me, beauty of tone, or colour, or form, or language, of the earth or sky or sea, is realised always with something of a shock: Paradise is, as it were, presented to us in a flash of blinding light, and our hearts are shaken and our eyes are dimmed by its unendurable splendours. For an instant we divine a world of immortal beauty; and the weakness of our mortality breaks down before the vision.

A New Year… A Quartet of New Poetry

NMMP CoverJoshua Alan Sturgill reads I’ll Step Now Down, an excerpt from his new collection.

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 26 by Phillip Neal Tippin

Strange Parts by Linda Lobmeyer

Adam at the Crossroads by Rafael Pereira Bianchin


A Wonder of Childhood: Well, I have long ago indicated my belief that “heaven lies about us in our infancy” cannot mean that “wholesome maternal influences surround us in our childhood.” With Wordsworth I hold that true insight and true vision are given to children from some sphere that surpasses all our knowledge and all our analysis.

Be Not Afraid!

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Be Not Afraid!

Anno Domini 2023, January 11-14 – Wichita, KS

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Aeternus Adventus: a Christmas poem by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 25 by Philip Neal Tippin


Tybalds-Estate-4How Things Have Changed!: They passed me as I stood in the hollow cavern of the winter night, the shaded lamps making, as it were, tents of light and fog in the midst of the darkness; they passed me…. And this in that Bloomsbury that the night once found so deserted: I do not know that anything has taught me so well that my world has passed away for ever.

Just in Time for Christmas…

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A Night of Ghostly Tales: Recently, I was fortunate enough to gather with friends around a fire on a cool autumn evening. Through the crosshatch of trees, faint stars glistened in a cosmic tapestry whilst the scent of strong tobacco quickened the air. Cwrw dda, that is “good beer,” warmed our bodies. We had convened to this peaceful scene, a dozen or so of us, for the purpose of camaraderie and the reading of stories… ghost stories. More.


WideWide by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 24 by Phillip Neal Tippin


The Way Out: Little Willy has a fond father and a doting mother and plenty of cake and jam; but there is a void in his heart that can only be filled by that fantastic figure of Punch; by those strange miracle-plays in wood, where monkeys drive geese, and horses of wonderland obey the whip of fierce though humorous black oats. To us these queer figures are queer figures and nothing more; to the child they are symbols and sacraments.

The Light of the World


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There Was No Beginning by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 23 by Phillip Neal Tippin

Let Him Have Dominion by Rafael Pereira Bianchin


What Is “The Book of the Year”?: So two theologians—Anglican and Roman—a playwright and an all-around man of letters, are agreed that the past year has given us nothing of the highest value in literature. They do not exactly say, after the manner of Titus, the delight of the human race: “Friends, we have lost a year!” but, if we may translate their answers into terms of prophecy, they are clear that in 2011—to say nothing of 3011—no book of this present year will shine aureoled and hallowed, a possession for ever.