The Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead

The Sunday of the Paralytic by Joshua Alan Sturgill



Into the Great Deep: This service over those drowned men of the lost submarine was surely one of the strangest that has ever been held. They, in the very act of death, were already buried: they were coffined in the boat that they had served, and as they died their roomy grave was prepared already and awaited them; even the vast and shining hollow of the sea.

Battles Temporal & Spiritual

Whereunto Shall I Liken This Generation? by Joshua Alan Sturgill



Sir Arthur Conan Doyle guides into the frigid wastes on an expedition of horror in The Captain of the “Pole-Star.”


md9200626594The War Behind The War: So all through the book Mr. Hind sees the temporal conflict as the mere veil of the eternal battle; and thus, I say, that he has been afforded a great and singular privilege: that is, he has written the book which our Bishops should have written. Presumably; it is their business, or a chief part of their business, as pontiffs of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church to discern things eternal in things temporal, to proffer the clear lamp of eternal light to those who go down into the thick darkness of the battle. However, they have not quite seen their duty in this aspect…

Of Birds and Sinners


Dialogue Between a Swallow and a Sinner by Rafael Pereira Bianchin


Apprentice by Joshua Alan Sturgill

Nanasimgit by Benjamin Rozonoyer


Robert_Louis_Stevenson_by_Henry_Walter_Barnett_bwSome Thoughts on Robert Louis Stevenson: Personally, I have always been of the opinion that the best criticism of R. L. S. was penned in the leading columns of the Pall Mall Gazette on the day on which Stevenson’s death was announced. The leading article spoke of the dead author as among the greatest of “The Little Masters”; and as I say, it seems to me that no juster verdict could possibly be given.

Common Joy


More Are The Children by Joshua Alan Sturgill

Saviour by Benjamin Rozonoyer


md30980437043The Book of Common Joys: Boffin, the Golden Dustman, as all know, hired Silas Wegg, a literary man with a wooden leg, to read Roman history to him and Mrs. Boffin. The work selected was “Decline and Fall of the Rooshan Empire,” as Mr. Boffin said. It was in reality Gibbon’s immortal masterpiece, and so Mr. Boffin became involved in the decadence of imperial Rome, and “Commodus, under the appellation Commodious, unworthy of his English origin and ‘not to have acted up to his name’ in his government of the Roman people.”

Aureoles of Heaven



Wounded Reaching & Holy Wednesday by Joshua Alan Sturgill

Righteous Seed (Holy Monday) & Lamentations by Mark Mosley


arthur-1920wThe East in the West:  The symbolism is of heaven brought down to earth, of the priest standing a mortal amidst a host of the undying. The awful orders of the angels are about him, about him are the companies of the saints, around him stand the martyrs in dyed robes, having exchanged earthly anguish and the flames of burning torment for the eternal aureoles of heaven. With the prayers of the priest and of the people their prayers ascend to the place of the Majesty on high, and there is represented in a mystery the High Sacrifice of Calvary.

Where Speech Is Song


Machen Studies

For Machen Study – No 40, we present a recent lecture given by Joshuas Alan Sturgill on the Apostle of Wonder… “Machen’s work is meant to cause shuddering at what is always present around us, but rarely seen. His fiction work is suggestive and descriptive, rather than exciting and gory, and his essays always gravitate toward the transcendent in everyday things.”

The Weekly Machen


War and Spring Poets: Poetry and song are more truly natural to man than prose and common speech. This sounds odd to our sophisticated ears, but it is undoubtedly true. Man, then, is, by his inmost, primitive nature, a lyrical being, he naturally uttered himself in song long before he took to the habit of speaking in prose and in flat, unmusical accents.


How to Love the Bomb



Between Two Lives by Joshua Alan Sturgill

Villanelle of the Elect by Jesse Keith Butler

A new poem by Butler, The Life of the Lake, has been published in the pages of the Cloud Lake Literary. Congratulations!


arthur-1920wMr. Wells’ Radium Bomb: “The radium bomb is the god from the machine of Mr. Wells’s new story-essay. Physical science makes a great leap, radioactive forces become its servants. … But, frankly, it seems to me that the whole book and all its theories are vitiated by what I venture to consider Mr. Wells’s radical misconception of human happiness, what it is, and how it is gained.”

BOOK UPDATE: A Reader of Curious Books by Arthur Machen is back in stock.

Book Announcements

Darkly Bright Press is pleased to announce the upcoming slate of books to be published in 2022. Release dates are purposely vague, so please stay tuned for updates.

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Catalog Number 014
Now A Major Motion Picture
by Joshua Alan Sturgill
In his long-awaited second collection, Sturgill continues to craft a cosmological vision in which poetry is catechism… the eternal song chanted amongst the stars.  
Softcover / May-June
Cover design: Copyright 2022 by Joshua Alan Sturgill

Catalog Number 015
by Richard W. Rohlin
The Ontheibar Eimbori was given to me in a dreamor perhaps in a waking dreamas long and brief as a lifetime, and just as full of tears…” Rohlin guides the reader through story and song threading both sacrament and myth into an exquisite tapestry.  
Limited Edition / Summer
The Well Woman: Copyright 2022 by Richard W. Rohlin

Catalog Number 016
Mist and Mystery
by Arthur Machen
The Apostle of Wonder continues to enchant those fortunate voyagers who discover him. In the tradition of classic collections such as Dog and Duck & Dreads and Drolls, Darkly Bright Press presents fugitive stories, essays and reviews rarely read since their original publication over a century ago.  
Multiple Formats / September-October

Catalog Number 017
Chasing the Burr
by Bryn Homuth
That sentiment, from knife sharpening, I like to imagine applies metaphorically to the work of writing, to pursue an edge, a sharpness in the craft, and to this idea of a constant honing, a constant attunement through observation in writing.”
Softcover / November-December
Photo: Copyright 2022 by Bryn Homuth

In The Heart Are All Things

Book Announcements


A Reader of Curious Books by Arthur Machen is currently out-of-stock. A new impression has been ordered and should be available soon.

A Secret Language by Arthur Machen: Only six copies remain of this limited edition chapbook.


sturgill-photo-2POETIC CATECHISM:
A Lecture by Joshua Alan Sturgill on Becoming Orthodox Slowly and Completely.


Dunster_st_georges_extMy Wandering Week, Part IV: Sunlight! It poured upon us, and made the pleasant land all golden, and glittered on the ripples of the rushing brooks as the steeps of the Quantocks closed in upon us. The farmers allowed that they could do with a drop of rain, but their eyes twinkled and their hearts were evidently set to cheerfulness.