Poetry and poets are vital to a culture.

Darkly Bright Press seeks to present new work which celebrates classical views of theology, personhood and the cosmos. In the lyrical and rhythmical nature of verse, we may discern both literature and liturgy.

Joshua Alan Sturgill / The Ancient Modern

Gaelan Gilbert / One Is Found First

Phillip Neal Tippin / Ordinary Time & THE PILGRIMAGE

Claire Brandenburg / Forged in the Heart

Jesse K. Butler

Bryn Homuth

Nicholas Kotar

Benjamin Rozonoyer

Mark Mosely

Linda Lobmeyer

Richard W. Rohlin

Father Gabriel Rochelle

Pamela Bruns

Thomas Barton

Rafael Pereira Bianchin



Clearing Paths is a new anthology of verse from Darkly Bright Press. Below are excellent excerpts from our newest poets:

At 5 A. M. by Bryn Homuth  
The Tesuque Creek by Luke Bullock
Homage to Borges by Fr. Gabriel Rochelle


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