New Book from Little Candle Press

Darkly Bright Press is a small, independent book publisher with a focus on Uncommon Literature & Liturgical Christianity. Inspired by Welsh writer Arthur Machen’s emphasis on ecstasy in literature, our mission is to curate and spotlight such works by past voices and provide a platform for new authors, poets and artists.

New Publication

front cover MihaelLittle Candle Press presents Escape to Mihael, the first book in The Scrufflings Series, written and illustrated by Claire Brandenburg. In this children’s tale, Claire has created a story centered on friendship and sacrifice for Grades 1 – 4 and all fun-loving adults.

For a taste of the story and art, view Chapter One.

New updates for February 14-21, 2020.

Crown's WarrantyFairy Tale Fridays

The Crown’s Warranty by Laurence Housman 

Manx Fairy Tales 







Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Unknown Project 
The Boy Who Tasted the Moon


Happy Release


Ghost Story Mondays:

Markheim by Robert Louis Stevenson

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