Silent Water, Spoken Light

Darkly Bright Press is a small, independent book publisher with a focus on Uncommon Literature & Liturgical Christianity. Inspired by Welsh writer Arthur Machen’s emphasis on ecstasy in literature, our mission is to curate and spotlight such works by past voices and provide a platform for new authors, poets and artists.

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Text Comparison: The Iron Maid 1890 vs 1895Using this early short story, reminiscent of Poe, we compare two versions of the text to discover Machen maturing as a weaver of wonder and dread.  


The Ancient Modern by Joshua Alan Sturgill:

Of particular interest, we recommend his latest poem Silent Water, Spoken Light.

Other recent works include:
Le Pays de l’Amour-Propre
Haunted by Virtue
To Write A Poem Like Baudelaire
Terms of Venery for Solitary Birds
The Rabbit Creation Myth
Old Tom Has Some Work To Do

Also, now is the perfect time to catch up Sturgill’s epic Fairy Tale: Awake the World of Dreams, Part 1-5. The Conclusion draws nigh.



As a spiritual counterpoint to the “farrago of fraud and fancy” known Spiritualism, we offer Consolatrix Afflictorum, a short tale by R. H. Benson which explores a heavenly visitation.

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