Celebrating the Celtic Saints

Today, March 5th, is the Feast of St. Piran of Cornwall.

170px-icon_of_saint_patrick_christ_the_saviour_church-1Eighth Day Institute presents the 13th Annual Feast of St. Patrick, March 12-13, 2021 in Wichita

Join the Eighth Day Institute for a celebration of Celtic Christianity, culture, Irish whiskey, music and more. The seminar will feature study and discussion on St. Teilo of Wales, the Gallican Liturgy and Levavi Oculos by Arthur Machen. Consider attending or joining the Institute to support its mission of renewing culture through faith, learning and friendship. Register here.


anthology-cover-2Fellow EDI member, Joshua Alan Sturgill recently presented a lecture to a conference of educators. We’re pleased to make the text available: Three Stories of Education.

Phillip Neal Tippin continues his Pilgrimage with Part 12.

Both authors can be found in the newest Darkly Bright publication: Clearing Paths.

Machen Studies

machen-webThis week, we celebrated the 158th birthday of the Apostle of Wonder with Far Off Things, Chapter 4.

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