Nicholas Kotar… Epic Fantasy Writer and Poet

For the recent announcement on Arthur Machen & the Inklings Festival, read here.

This week, Darkly Bright Press welcomes Nicholas Kotar, a writer, translator and educator to our ongoing series of contemporary poets. Visit his small press and personal site for more information. Kotar is truly a man of many talents and we are pleased to publish one of his poems.

Speaking of which…

A Work Week’s Worth of Poetry

Nicholas Kotar: The Maple

Joshua Alan Sturgill: Lear

Jesse K. Butler: The Living Law

Bryn Homuth: Aix Sponsa

Phillip Neal Tippin: The Pilgrimage: Part 19

fairy 2Fairies & Ghosts

This section has been reorganized for ease of use with additional stories.

The Story of Vox Angelica and Lieblich Gedacht by Maurice Baring

The Intoxicated Ghost by Arlo Bates

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