Corrected Dates for Inkling Festival


The dates have been rescheduled for the upcoming Inklings Festival, held by the Eighth Day Institute in Wichita, Kansas. The event will be held October 22-24, 2021. Apologies for the confusion. For anyone who enjoys storytelling, camaraderie and cwrw dda (good beer), this is the weekend to make a pilgrimage to the center… to the heart of America.

As I announced a couple of months ago, I’ve been invited to give a lecture on Arthur Machen at this year’s event. The talk will serve as an introduction to the enigmatic writer with an emphasis upon his theory of ecstasy in literature and his quiet influence on later authors. In particular, I’m excited to present a wealth of rare material which includes limited editions of his books, ephemera and items from Machen’s personal collection. Most importantly, this will be an opportunity to encounter unpublished letters between Machen and Dorothy L. Sayers, as well as a discussion between Machen and publisher Victor Gollancz concerning the work of Charles Williams.


Defer by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage: Part 31 by Phillip Neal Tippin

Untitled (The scaling foot) by Benjamin Rozonoyer

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