Upcoming: Feast of St. Patrick


The festival will feature Father Gabriel Rochelle. For More information, visit the Eighth Day Institute.


Give Everything Away by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Labor by Mark Mosley


Glastonbury_Tor-_View_of_an_iconic_landmark_(geograph_5500644)My Wandering Week, Part I: It was not to be a holiday in the usual sense of the word. Holidays are fixed things, foreordained, and prearranged. You know where you are going, why you are going, and, very likely, what dishes the landlady cooks to best advantage. A holiday is an affair of the known; my trip–or whatever you like to call it–was to be an adventure of the unknown and unsurmised. Philosophically considered, the holiday-maker is a creature of the logical understanding; but I was to sally forth and get me gone to the region of Anywhere, a creature of the pure imagination. …

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