Akboritha… Out-of-Print

Akboritha-soft-cover-webWithin a week of its publication, the limited edition print run of Richard W. Rohlin’s Akboritha has now sold out. Many thanks to all of Richard’s supporters. We are pleased to announce that the softcover version will be re-released in a second impression and will launch at the 2022 Inklings Festival in Wichita this October. Richard, a lecturer for the event, will be available to sign copies. Also, this new impression will be open to international customers.

Personally, I am grateful to Richard for trusting my small, one-man operation with his visionary work. I express apologies for my shortcomings. Special thanks to all lovers of beautiful, physical books, and of storytelling which is grounded in first principles and that which awakens the moral imagination.

Christopher Tompkins
Darkly Bright Press

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