Paradise in a Flash of Blinding Light…

Happy Hen Galan!

Sant_Ilar_(st_ilar)_('St_Hilary's_Church'_is_NEVER_used),_Llanilar,_Aberystwyth,_Ceredigion,_Cymru_68In this classic article, we explore the possible identity of the enigmatic holy man from The Secret Glory, The Great Return and Levavi Oculos: St. Ilar the Unknown Saint. His feast day is this weekend.


To Thusness by Joshua Alan Sturgill

The Pilgrimage, Book II: Part 27 by Phillip Neal Tippin


Early Books of 1913: As it seems to me, beauty of tone, or colour, or form, or language, of the earth or sky or sea, is realised always with something of a shock: Paradise is, as it were, presented to us in a flash of blinding light, and our hearts are shaken and our eyes are dimmed by its unendurable splendours. For an instant we divine a world of immortal beauty; and the weakness of our mortality breaks down before the vision.

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