The Pilgrimage Concludes

St DavidMarch 1st is the Feast of St David of Wales:

Visitations Essay

Meditation by Fr. Gabriel Rochelle


Jesse+Keith+ButlerCongratulations to Jesse K. Butler who has recently published poetry in the following journals: Ekstasis and Solum. Currently, Butler is working with Darkly Bright Press on his first volume of collected poetry entitled The Living Law.

The Tale of the Two Guides by Joshua Alan Sturgill

Phillip Neal Tippin concludes The Pilgrimage, Book II.


Among My Books: To my surprise some of the best stories of the year have come to my desk in the last week or ten days. I have been wondering since last February what had become—not of the masterpieces of fiction—but of the well written, well constructed tale, the book that showed cleverness at all events, if not genius.

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