A Secret Language

004  A Secret Language by Arthur Machen

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asl-web.jpg…it is impossible to write of anything without writing of God; and this is true of the simple, homely things, as well as of the splendid, glowing and illustrious things. The secret language is spoken everywhere and by all creatures.”

Drawing a curious and splendid arc, Arthur Machen examines reason, religion, art and the comforts of common life in this short, yet rich essay. In all things, he detects a mystical syntax whispering throughout the material world and all human life. By speaking so frankly in this example of his nonfiction work, the master artist points to the subtle patterns in the tapestry of his greatest fiction.

Written in his eccentric style, A Secret Language serves both as a literary manifesto in miniature and a cogent elucidation of the author’s approach to Christian mysticism.

First published in an obscure journal, Arthur Machen’s essay has largely languished out of print since the 1920s. In a continuing effort to examine the Welsh writer’s works and thought, Darkly Bright Press is pleased to offer A Secret Language as a limited edition chapbook. In addition to new annotations to the text, this edition includes rare supplementary material regarding Machen’s masterly novella, The Great Return.

Published September 2018
5×8 Saddle-stitched Chapbook, 32 Pages
Limited to 50 copies

Update: Out of Print.  Some copies may still be available from Eighth Day Books.

Dear International Customers, please contact us for shipping rates to your country: info@darklybrightpress.com.

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