Chasing the Burr

017  Chasing the Burr
by Bryn Homuth

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Just the kind of debut I’d expect from Homuth—warm, nostalgic, and distinctly modern. Full of hopeful moments you can see and taste and touch—my favorite kind of poetry.

Carmen Schober, author of After She Falls

Darkly Bright Press is pleased to announce the publication of Chasing the Burr, the first full-length collection by poet Bryn Homuth. Presenting nuanced and subtle theological imagery, Homuth’s work focuses on the themes of life, death and memory. The poet beautifully positions family, community and labor as foundational cornerstones for a traditional and hierarchical understanding of creation.

According to the poet—“That sentiment, from knife sharpening, I like to imagine applies metaphorically to the work of writing, to pursue an edge, a sharpness in the craft, and to this idea of a constant honing, a constant attunement through observation in writing.”

6 x 9 Softcover, 112 Pages
ISBN: 979-9863904-3-7
LCCN: 202390396

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Burr web cover

Chasing the Burr by Bryn Homuth

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