The Ancient Modern

Did I? /  Joshua Alan Sturgill     

Did I sit quietly, enough
to hear the daffodils
discuss the rain      Did they
say dear Sun my Father;
did they say Sisters
of the stars     Did I see the sky
glean by the edges
of the ocean, gathering waves
to weave the Clouds      Did I
watch the Planets walking
backward, their predictions
reminiscences      Do they
see clearly with a breadth
proportioned to their height     
Did I stand in solitude,
my feet imprinting patient
clay      Did the mice,
the wasps, the wrens forget
to fear me      Did they find
my secret flight       I am
not sitting; I am on a journey    
Do the wheelbugs, rabbits,
solitary herons receive The Age
of Life which I, even now,
grasp in my open hand


All poetry and supplementary material: copyright 2022 by Joshua Alan Sturgill. All rights reserved.

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