The Ancient Modern

Heaven /  Joshua Alan Sturgill

A world of living Myths.
A world without surfaces.
A state of interiority, of interpenetration.
Fusion without confusion.
Without distance or proximity; with only distance and proximity.
Infinite nearness.
Words made of stone; a construction of sounds.
Violence is impossible, because there can be no violation.
Power is greater degrees of gentleness, stillness is force.
Twin birds of ether,
eternally flying through each other,
each the lift and buoyancy for the other’s flight.
Reconciliation of the Created with the Uncreated;
of Being-and-Becoming united with Beyond Being.
Coinherence of Infinite and Absolute with finite and contingent.
Compassion and Sympathy revealed
in Synergy and Theosis.

How else can we describe the state of humanity at the end of this Age? The meek inheriting the earth or the pure in heart seeing God? “Heaven”the way we usually think of this wordfalls lamentably short of describing what the Saints and Sages say we will be.

Paradise, Garden, Feast, Intoxication,
Rest, Repose, Music, Worship,
Adoration, Union, Life, Transcendence, Immortality.
Not a prolongation of our illusive “individuality,” but an inversion:
the hidden Center brought forward, the unknown Real made manifest.
Dissolution of the ego
with all the fear and terror and relief that this implies.
Emmanuel. New Jerusalem. Nirvana.
Now the dwelling of God.
Gate and table and marriage bed.
All must stoop to enter, all must pass the narrow road.
Time and space exploded.
There is no room; there are many mansions.

Right now, even as we think or fail to think, act or fail to act,
the Other World is being born among us.
Present, unknown, poetic, patient, open to all.

All poetry and supplementary material: copyright 2019 by Joshua Alan Sturgill

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