The Ancient Modern

Heir of Prophecies, Part IX  /  Joshua Alan Sturgill                                           

when she says Necessity is Meaningless
then just to listen to her voice, just
to risk the search for meaning in her words
is to drown in them. Of course, drowning

is relative. Spirit and Breath were one time
the same — which we know when we recall
the Proto-Speech, the words sent out with us
from Eden. But for us the reasonable, Spirit

and breath are as far as science is from
opinion. Spirit was asphyxiated and Breath
plods along for centuries unaware. Necessity
is Meaningless is a substitute atmosphere

exchanged while we slept, while we were
intoxicated with answers. How deep can we look,
counting the categories and prizes in her mirror,
before we realize our mistake? The Real

can’t be held in glass. The Moon would burst
the dewdrop. Narcissus himself is unreflected,
not the lovely darkness in the unnamed pool.
Just when we know we have been drawn

deep into the surface of the dream, our pride
which once abetted our delusion — deftly
testifies against us and prepares the injection,
anticipating the Verdict of the Sphinx.

All poetry and supplementary material: copyright 2021 by Joshua Alan Sturgill. All rights reserved.