The Ancient Modern

Heir of Prophecies, Part VI  /  Joshua Alan Sturgill                                           

The Sphinx of Nihilism strips
her clothes away, her silks and straps

and crinolines, only to reveal more
clothing beneath her clothing,

more alluring exhaustions. Spectacle
bypasses reason and conscience.

She pleasantly caresses your gut
and your groin. I can’t help myself

you argue, never attempting to turn
your gaze. I have no choice, you plead

with yourself as you arrange the world
to accommodate your choices and

violently remove whatever comes
between you and Her. Today she is

Helen; yesterday was Ganymede;
tomorrow, Hermaphroditus. In her

rear lion’s feet, she holds out shining
iron bands. She leans close to wrap them

around your eyes. Flattered, you accept.
You believe she kneels down

to crown you as her lord

All poetry and supplementary material: copyright 2021 by Joshua Alan Sturgill. All rights reserved.

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