Let Him Have Dominion

Let Him Have Dominion / Rafael Pereira Bianchin

The Heaven is the Lord's;
The Earth He has given to Man,
Who, with shields and swords,
Yields to labour and toil, rather than
Eat from the Garden's trees.
It is not in vain, though, this fight,
For this work without ease
Is truly a wondrous sight.

One could witness, in the south,
A weird and ancient rite.
This liturgy for legs and mouth,
Could be performed at any site,
For there was no temple other than
The Pampas' plains and hills,
The land that now belongs to Man
Because the Conqueror Lady so wills.

The sacrament was conferred
To an unwilling neophyte;
The priest was only a cowherd
Who would use all his might
To take the youngster to the ground.
Bound by the feet, bound by the hands,
In despair he cries a loud sound:
It's nothing new, it is known in all lands.

The head was crowned with leather,
And garments adorned the loin;
Priest and catechumen would fight together;
An initiate, the godmother, would join.
Neither of them was aware
Of against what they fought.
Who knows the thoughts of a mare?
Who knows what the gaucho was taught?

After running for a mile or two
The foal would finally concede.
It's pointless to resist the one who
Has dominion over every breed.
Now he has lost his pride,
And maybe one would even mourn:
That day a horse has died,
That day a centaur was born.

The Heaven is the Lord's;
The Earth He has given to Man.
This Man pulls on cords
As strongly as he can
To tame a single creature;
Without force or skill,
To sea and wind the Teacher
Says, calmly, 'Peace, be still!'

Rafael Bianchin is a STEM graduate student from Brazil. In addition to his academic endeavours, he is interested in mystical literature—in particular, the work of Arthur Machen and the Legends of the Graal.

Let Him Have Dominion: Copyright 2022 by Rafael Pereira Bianchin. All rights reserved.

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