Norse Triptych

Norse Triptych / Benjamin Rozonoyer

Here you are —
clear northern night, the stars, Valhalla,
why howl?

If you are a fjord,
lie flat.

* * *

Dormant oracles
Whisper insipidly
Sordid ordinances
Of dismal misery…

Came the candle

Crashing rafters
Sparking crimson
Crosswise spattered;
Stenching smoldered.

Deadly dancing
Dusk to dawn
In laughing woodhalls
Fire feasted.

Red the sky-reave
Raven circles:
Moon diminished,
Sun extinguished.

* * *

I ponder on what the skaldic Icelandic
poet once said;
it glimmers as one tragic and heraldic
baldness of head.

Norse Triptych: Copyright 2022 by Benjamin Rozonoyer. All rights reserved.

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