Of Heaven, Of Earth

Of Heaven, Of Earth by Claire Brandenburg
Artifact Series – Assemblage, Mixed Media, (2020)


Of Heaven, Of Earth

are the days and years,
seemingly gone
in the draught of time.
Human lives,
charged with energy, meaning and toil
linger still
in memory
and perception.
and birch,
currant and leaf,
forests enfolding,
Loam and stone,
layer upon mantle,
ancient building blocks
of earth-
In them,
are the artifacts
of lost generations,
reflections of
giving substance
and confirmation
through the
of the relics
of antiquity.

Of Heaven, Of Earth (detail)


Of Heaven, Of Earth: $450 + Tax & Shipping.

To purchase, please contact us at info@darklybrightpress.com.

All artwork and poetry: copyright 2021 by Claire Brandenburg

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