The Ancient Modern

On Leaving Two Spaces After A Sentence  /  Joshua Alan Sturgill

My eyes (as well as my brain) 
need a pause 
after a well-crafted 

sentence.  So, 
following each period,
point or mark, I tap 

the space bar
The second space isn’t “wasted” 

any more than margins 
or headers are wasted.  
Two spaces 

looks better, reads better, 
thinks better.  The first
is the division 

necessary to distinguish
each word.  But
the second space!  The second

is Selah, Om, Elijah’s seat,
the Great Silence, the glint 
of the intellect revealed 

only when a place is reserved
exclusively for Light.
The second space

is the Eternal beyond-speech 
slyly intruding 
on the temporal attempted-speech.

The second space, a Symbol 
in the ancient sense:
the Higher present in the Lower.

The first space is utility.  
The second, serendipity. 
Of course, 

if I were writing a manual 
for installation and use
of microwaves,

I might dispense with the second space.  
But since I’m trying 
to communicate Truth and Beauty

(which simply means
trying to communicate),
I can’t help but make 

a little room for transcendence.
Overcrowding and oversaturation
already smother our culture.  Why

should we let them dictate 
how we pace our words?  
The Cosmos has its grammar,

its conventions.  Two spaces:
merely my courteous bow
to Reality’s perilous prose

All poetry and supplementary material: copyright 2021 by Joshua Alan Sturgill. All rights reserved.

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