One Is Found First

005  One Is Found First by Gaelan Gilbert

webcover.jpgThe arc of Gaelan Gilbert’s poetry resonates with both the tenderness and intensity of his observations on nature and humanity. Many of these poems yield themselves immediately to the reader’s heart; others invite the satisfying rigor of a more intense pause and scrutiny of his incisive and sometimes enigmatic language. The volume calls us to look, and look deeply into the unfolding of our age, the presence of the divine, and nature of our lives entwined with one another.

 -Mary Kay Harkins, Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Point Loma Nazarene University, retired.

Gaelan Gilbert’s poetry imitates the process of living growth. In his work, imagery, allusion, and rhyme accumulate with ardent momentum, syntactic branches and leaves unfurling from the root and ground of lived experience. Like a wave adapting its contours to an unseen continental shelf, or a liturgical procession marching and swaying on its course, these poems move.

This collection’s title, One Is Found First, implies a relationship with and movement toward what is beyond oneself. It evokes the spiritual axiom that each seeker is first sought; that God initiates the process of communion, finding us so that we may find Him: “not just knowing about, but being known,” as one poem in the volume puts it. These poems strive to explore and reflect such paradoxes of encounter and transformation.

All Poetry and Artwork: copyright 2018 by Gaelan Gilbert. All rights reserved.

Published December 2018
6×9 Softcover, 108 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-38-806613-0

6×9 Hardcover, 108 Pages
Limited to 25 copies, signed and numbered by the poet
ISBN: 978-1-38-810479-5
$25    4 Copies Remaining

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