Ordinary Time

009  Ordinary Time by Phillip Neal Tippin

Ordinary-Time-CoverPhillip Tippin’s incarnational vision bursts into life through robust language, formal precision and vivid imagery. With luminous density, Ordinary Time contemplates how the natural world mirrors liturgical life through close attention to common grace. Echoing elements of Hopkins and Guite—but with a voice wholly his own—Tippin traces the thin line between heaven and earth.

Heidi White, M.A.
Author and Managing Editor
of FORMA Journal

This collection of poems by Phillip Tippin is a reminder that within “ordinary time” is the potential for transubstantiation: an old quarry is a sanctuary, stones are bells, Osage trees become the cross.

Jack Baumgartner
The School of the Transfer of Energy

In Phillip Tippin’s collection, the poet observes his surroundings and squeezes meaning out of rock and tree, water and dirt, and turns it into prayer. Spare scraps of image flit across the page, transforming the seemingly quotidian landscape of middle America into poetry. These are poems to sit with and to contemplate, divulging many layers and textures upon multiple returns.

Jeff Reimer
Author and Editor

Darkly Bright Press is humbled to publish Ordinary Time, the first volume of poetry by Phillip Neal Tippin. During a time of social chaos and cultural collapse, it is refreshing to discover a poet whose verse emerges from an ancient tradition. With an abiding love for the beauty of a personal God and His relationship with creation, Tippin’s poetry attests to the healing symmetry he finds in faith and nature.  For a sample of his work and a short interview, please visit his poet’s page.

Cover Illustration:
Rio Colorado. Oil on Canvas. 16” x 20”

© 2020 by Jeffery Sparks. All rights reserved.

August 2020.
6×9 Softcover, 94 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-7331964-37

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Ordinary Time

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