Praise Him with Clashing Symbols

Praise Him with Clashing Symbols / Jesse K. Butler

Praise the Lord up where the sky rests
its weight through the land and the sea.
Sun and moon, stars in the highest—
he spoke and this all came to be.

Praise the Lord, fruit trees and cedars,
reptiles that writhe in the deep.
Stormy winds, bend as he orders
the bounds you’re created to keep.

Praise the Lord, croaking and trilling,
creeping things, high flying birds.
Young women, old men, and children,
lift out your splintering words.

Our thin rationality crumbles
whenever it reaches to him.
Yet praise him with clashing symbols
that dance out on language’s rim.

Praise Him with Clashing of Symbols: Copyright 2021 by Jesse K. Butler. All rights reserved.

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