Precession: A Circle of Poems from Africa

008  Precession: A Circle of Poems from Africa by Joshua Alan Sturgill


In this little collection of poems, I have included nursery rhymes and religious themes, modern Africa and ancient China, science and nonsense. I want to think about all the possibilities of precession: from slow, inexorable decay to the dawn of revelation and wonder.

Read the poet’s statement here.

The prose and poetry of Joshua Alan Sturgill constantly elicits an intimate dialogue between the person and the cosmos. A stranger in a strange place, Sturgill sends us this new, short collection of verse which explores the permeable boundary of locality and distance, the ephemeral and the everlasting. Each poem invites reflection and stillness in an ever-movingever-precessing world.

This collection is being offered as a fine chapbook in a limited-run of 50 copies. The funds from the sale of this special publication will be used for the production costs of Sturgill’s next full-length collectionscheduled for summer 2022.

Available December 9, 2019 / OUT OF PRINT
6×9 Saddle-stitched Chapbook, 22 Pages
Limited to 50 copies

SOLD OUT / Out of Print… Remaining copies may still be available at Eighth Day Books.

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