Righteous Seed

Righteous Seed (Holy Monday/ Mark Mosley

Joseph who was left for dead
is alive and drinks from the royal cup.
The fig tree which was alive
is unfruitful and is cursed to die.

One awoke from sin and struggled
to find light in the darkness;
the other planted in complacency
in the barrenness of night.

One was naked and afraid,
and clothed in righteousness;
the other was stripped bare
without a garment of leaves.

One ran away from pleasure,
saved from multiplications of sorrow;
the other remained unmoved,
seduced to a pit of dirt.

One bore fruits of virtue,
patiently faithful to a vow;
the other yielded nothing,
dry and without shade.

Cloth us with a nuptial Light.
Let us be veiled in Your glory.
Plant our hearts with seeds of chastity.
Fill this vessel with Your wine.

Let this tree bear God’s fruit.
Let this bride see the coming Sun.
Let this virgin wait and hold
the Candle that does not burn.

Righteous Seed (Holy Monday): Copyright 2022 by Mark Mosley. All rights reserved.

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