Save A Seat

Save A Seat / Linda Lobmeyer

Save a seat for the mystic
to sit at the table and enjoy
your cheer.  Pour her some wine
and ease her heavy cares.
Let her see your faces,
a reprieve from desolate
visions and red eyes.
Withhold your gasp when she
drapes a vision over her chair,
like a shawl no one sees.
She shivers without it.
Hold her hand, your flesh a balm
for healing the brand burned
onto her heart from those
fiery, sublime conversations
that cough tears and force
her to stand in the rock’s cleft.
Let her come to the party,
so fragile and wild. Ignore
the glass globe she carries
like a purse, full of song and light
that all suspect, and none perceive.  

Save A Seat: Copyright 2023 by Linda Lobmeyer. All rights reserved.

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