The Ancient Modern

Seven Images of Opposition /  Joshua Alan Sturgill     

The Sun rains his light
equally on forests and on deserts.
Gratitude, not biology
distinguishes leaves from stones.

The Annunciation of Eternal Love
echoes through the Cities of Time,
arresting us with whispers of another world.  
We respond with the clamor of progress
and deafen ourselves with invention.

No word of Christ was spoken
except to His Church. 
Who, then, are the whitewashed tombs? 
Who prissily tithes the dill and cumin? 
Who makes men fit for Hell?

The Spirit hovers over the Water
of the unformed universe
seeking all those ready 
to enter the coming Light

Parables within parables:
the gods’ gilded invitation
to their timeless Feast. 
Our eyes are hungry instead
for cycles, for myths,
for the incessant seven days  

Lazarus came back to tell us:
You can become all flame.
But the way is not easy;
you will need to die twice.

Except to His Church,
Christ spoke no words.
Who, now, is the blind leader?
Who sits in Moses’ seat?
Who calls a midnight council
to pay for the crucifixion of Grace


All poetry and supplementary material: copyright 2022 by Joshua Alan Sturgill. All rights reserved.

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