The Ancient Modern

Shelter From The Noise /  Joshua Alan Sturgill

I overheard someone say, “poetry makes a little hollow in the madness, a shelter from the constant noise.”

Sit here for a moment with me in the hallwaythis life is a hallway, after alland let’s speak quietly…

about the geometry of journeying.
about stories of origins.
about knowledge leading to myth.

Let’s have Beauty as a map, and music as a guidebook. There are many rooms and sideways passages around us,

but this hallway is straight and narrow for those with steady steps. Here is a poem about learning to walk.

Here is a song that teaches us how to sing. Reach to the side, and there’s the strength of the stones. Touch is another entrance of Beauty.

Reach forward and feel the open air in front of you, where the music and the light come from:

that’s the way we’re invited to walk.

All poetry and supplementary material: copyright 2019 by Joshua Alan Sturgill

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