South & East

Written and Illustrated by Claire Brandenburg 

s661108678316309691_p41_i1_w640.jpegFriends, Pronghorn and Raven, set off to find the place of their heart’s desire. Traveling across a desert landscape, they search for “the Place.” At last they find it and through Raven’s persistence, name it.

“Each children’s book which I work on is unique, and has shades of meaning. A book is like a puzzle where the pieces are wiggled together to make a whole. I grew up in New Mexico and have always been moved by the beauty of this state, both mountain and plain. When I was a child, my father came home from work with a baby raven. As the raven grew, he was a wonderful companion-very smart, curious, and protective. Pronghorns seem like mystical creatures. I am always amazed by their running ability and their sudden appearance between low hills on the desert high plains. These two animals act as symbols of the life of the land. As I began to illustrate, I collected different soils from a variety of locations state-wide and mixed them with the egg tempera paint I used.”                                      –Claire Brandenburg

Little Candle Press
Published 2018
8.25 x 9.75 Hardcover, 36 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-9966950-1-5

PURCHASE: South & East

$17.95 + $3 Shipping


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