Strange Parts

Strange Parts / Linda Lobmeyer

Read the strange parts again,
the parts you believed
you believe until you
recognize that you don’t.

When he asks, will you leave too?
Answer him,
Where? Where could I go?.

On that day, when
what is true is revealed
you will be asked (outloud)
for you to yes (outloud).

When you do
your weak knees
will become firm
in your feeble heart.

Maybe on some beach
over a fire you’ll eat
fish at sunrise, and he will
tell you about the strange parts.

And then where can I go?
Here are the words,
now in my throat
now on my knees.

Strange Parts: Copyright 2023 by Linda Lobmeyer. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Strange Parts

  1. Linda, I’m impressed with this poem and how much it reflects Jesus’ questions–not just to his disciples in training but to all of us.


    1. It took me a few rereads and reading Joan’s comments to understand the use of “strang parts”. Thanks, Linda.


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