The Ancient Modern

The Importance of Modern Art /  Joshua Alan Sturgill

Christ Pantocrator (6th Century) 

Art is a way that the outer and inner worlds come together and are shown in their essential unity. This is true of poetry, as well as painting, music and sculpture.

In ancient/traditional art, the higher, unseen world (divine and communal) is revealed. In modern art, the lower, unseen world (animal and individual) is revealed.

Modern art, focused on representing the individual lower-self, necessarily depicts more conflict, detachment and distortion than ancient art. This is both the honesty and importance of modern art.

Pablo Picasso, Woman with Mustard Pot (1910)

The modern self is, in fact, distorted. We have lost the double bondto others and to the divinethat makes and keeps us us human. Art should reveal as clearly as possible what is happening within us, so that we can grieve, adjust and return.

All poetry and supplementary material: copyright 2019 by Joshua Alan Sturgill

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