The Pilgrimage, Book II / Phillip Neal Tippin

          Part 26

A semblance of life
In shambles.

The plausibility structure
Of climate control
Matters much more
Than I could hope to hide.

What a dying breed we are
   Without the Seed.

The current presentiment
Premised on certainty.

Then I will not choke
With my heart in my throat.

The cuttings of life
Coupons or whatever is left over
After snowflakes
   After Jack Ridl

          Part 27

I have been fed a body
To take as a lie or mine.

As our youngevity increases
So the slope of our decline.

Upon the water, heralded,

Where does all the death go so fast,
The mountains of dead voles and men
Hurrying to hide themselves from view,
Unobtrusive, polite, to the last?

Even as I open the door,
I should feel the door knob.

          Part 28

I rejoice to participate,
Even in this brief repeat,
Father in the moment of
Generation to generation.

Immortality is the key
To surviving apparent mortality.

Born blind before the black wall of time,
Strain poor guides for to walk a straight line
Since time is as night before these lidded eyes.
  Isaiah 42:16

Go dunk in Love’s life,
Dip into the wedding rings of water and rise,
Pulled from His Side, dripping.

The terms of peace
And cost of war
Could seem
The same.
   Luke 14:31-33

          Part 29

In what sense do you save
Such a removable soul?

Stumbled out of a less than stellar day
Which I left ajar with a numb jarred mind

Not nests of cedar
But weave
An upright heart of string

You have to get halfway through
To believe that this time is real.

The infinite scale of
One to one.

Clambering past like confession
Much un-negotiable terrain.

          Part 30

Certain ways,
In time,
The metaphors! The metaphors!”
   (“The doors! The doors!”)

Grow to watch aging

The distractions of the soul
The distractions of the body

Think with an IV
   (It’s like we rely on continuously supplemented thought)

I’ve sent you a list of my sin
To destroy it as you see fit.
            Naaman and the king of Israel

All poetry and supplementary material: copyright 2020-2022 by Phillip Neal Tippin. All rights reserved.

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