The Ruin

The Ruin by Claire Brandenburg
Artifact Series – Assemblage, Mixed Media, (2020)


The ravens are raucous,
perched on walls and tumbled stones-
outrageous in complaint.
Are we the disturbance,
or is the offense
against the onslaught of time,
which has brought Holy Ground,
to such an end?

Who would abandon Glory?
Death, perhaps.

Those who carried the Kingdom
in their hearts
and hands,
are no longer in this place.

But the Forerunner remains
full of Life
on the crumbling wall-
while Christ leans down from His
Heavenly Throne,
to Bless him
and us.

The Ruin (detail)


The Ruin: $400 + Tax & Shipping.

To purchase, please contact us at


All artwork and poetry: copyright 2021 by Claire Brandenburg



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