The Tesuque Creek / Luke Bullock

The Tesuque Creek runs up the Sangre
de Cristo Mountains ascending with
the cows and piñones. The water snakes
among aspens and alpenglow into
the freezing peaks, then turns to snow,
snow that covers little pink elephants,
snow that packs on buttercups,
snow as light as air that floats
up into the clouds and finds
itself severed into separating

crystals each as small as breath,
all dancing in a crowd of billowed
cotton mid the boundless blue
and then descends as heated dew
upon the ocean, far as far
and wide as wide, the waters churning,
smashing over land, land
plunging under primal sea,
sea now echoing celestial
light, light as light from light.

The Poet

Luke Bullock, a graduate of St. Vladimir’s Seminary, has spent the last five years working as a hospital chaplain in California and New Mexico. Previously, he taught middle school math in California and Malaysia. Currently, Bullock has a cracked fibula, an open heart, and warm socks. He spends his days pondering emotions, colors and truth. His work is featured in Clearing Paths: A Darkly Bright Anthology of Verse (2021). 

The Tesuque Creek: Copyright 2021 by Luke Bullock. All rights reserved.

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