The Treasure

The Treasure: Artist’s Statement

WindowAssemblage, Mixed Media, Oil on Board, iconic figure, Silver St. Andrews Cross, with turquoise, glass enamel and found objects.


The Treasure’ was conceived as a literal treasure map. A map was painted on heavy recycled paper to give that effect, showing an indication of hills and a stony outcropping. The map acts as a background for the pieces which helps to identify both the treasure and the way to find it. The compass at the top of the image, directs the searcher. This is not a treasure defined by earthly riches. This is a treasure measured by spiritual progress and a pointing of the way.

A chamois-wrapped Bible is turned to John 4:22, with the page turned back and secured. The verse describes ‘living water,’ in which John relates Christ’s words, of giving such water to His people to drinka literal spring, welling up and pouring overan Eternal Treasure. A drop of glass mimics a drop of water, and magnifies the verse. Hanging from the Bible, as its bookmark, is a large, sterling silver St. Andrew’s cross, which has been enameled, adding extra heat, to give the sense of aging and a further reference to Christianity as a long-held treasure. The cross is a spade to delve into its depths. Looking to the cross for salvation is a maxim of the faith, a hope of the treasure to come. A hank of gold beads further emphasizes the wealth of this treasure. To the side, and above, is a bone ornament with the sign of the Cross in the form of a Chi Rho, the first two letters of the Greek Khristos, which is a long-held symbol of Christ. Under the Bible, a message, torn from the page of a book, which directs the reader that the material should be taken in and passed along. Above that is a small spiral of copper, indicating the depth of the content, progressing inward, ever inward, to an unending progression of inner knowledge, filling the heart.

The background fabric was taken from a tie, circa 1930. It is an opulent fabric and further conveys to me the nuance of treasure.

Below, a stone altar instructs the searcher to leave all treasures on the Lord’s table, knowing that a greater treasure will be given to those who are faithful.

This Window is designed with an opening on the side, enabling the owner to remove the cross and wear it and return it to the Bible as a further marker of one’s own intent.

Claire Brandenburg

The Treasure: $400 + Tax & Shipping.

To purchase, please contact us at

All artwork and essays: copyright 2020 by Claire Brandenburg

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