Untitled (Weary Wanderer)

Untitled (Weary Wanderer) / Benjamin Rozonoyer

Weary wanderer
winds his way
on a sunny day
up a tortuous road
neath sky of infinite blue –
it has snowed;

The snow lies white,
heaped brightly under the
melting sun,
dripping light
as chariot wheels in days gone by
making their way through the sky
in flashes of ancient mirth;

it is the traveler
plodding alone
up high, neath the
infinitely blue sky
where the winds have blown
and the gravel is
crackling under his pointed feet
like poet’s paper, dribbling ink,
A spark, a dream,
a luminous blink
under sky of infinite blue,
Unending, sweet, sweet…

Untitled (Weary Wanderer): Copyright 2022 by Benjamin Rozonoyer. All rights reserved.

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