What the Neighbors See

What the Neighbors See / Linda Lobmeyer

God and me, we try real hard
to feel like we’re enough, 
to show the world how God 
favors his children, but
something about my neighbor
makes me feel alone.

I try, God and me, and
my neighbor tries, God and he, 
to stop eating hatred
biting and devouring, but 
it’s work to love, so much work.
We can’t do it alone.

My neighbor sees in my eyes,
his own struggle reflected to him, 
something I can’t see, can’t know,
a burden as tall as
a mountain near my own sea, 
but he bears it without me, 

My neighbor and me, we
were born together, always
with one another, connected
by a garden, a sin,
a crucifixion.  Yet somehow,
we are alone.

In my neighbor’s eyes 
I see reflected a cataclysm, 
a tiny big bang exploding 
inside of me, reminding me
of how little I am, how slow 
I move, like a rock cliff shifting
into a sandy beach.

I work alone, so diligent,
to be more than my neighbor,
so I can know that God has
blessed me. And by this work,
I best love my neighbor, 
without inconvenience 
on my road to  Jericho.

What the Neighbors See: Copyright 2021 by Linda Lobmeyer. All rights reserved.

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