Winter Musings

Winter Musings / Benjamin Rozonoyer

Sitting in silence in pensive thought
under the yellow lamp’s lustry light,
Benjamin Franklin has read a lot;
Benjamin Franklin is sad tonight.

(it is well-known)
is very far,
and has very much rain.

If you open the door ajar,
you will see the city has oversnown.
(So far that I do not think I can make my train.)

This day and age
there is much pollution
in places in India.
Most snows
are entirely Russian.
(Though at times I suppose
it also laces into the
American Revolution
with its long nose.)

Children, cease fighting
where the soldiers are sleeping.
The city is whiting,
the snow is heaping.


Winter Musings: Copyright 2022 by Benjamin Rozonoyer. All rights reserved.

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