Far Off Things

Darkly Bright Press is a small, independent book publisher with a focus on Uncommon Literature & Liturgical Christianity. Inspired by Welsh writer Arthur Machen’s emphasis on ecstasy in literature, our mission is to curate and spotlight such works by past voices and provide a platform for new authors, poets and artists.

New Posts

machen-webMachen Studies:

Far Off Things… The second chapter to Arthur Machen’s richly poetic volume of memoirs.

fairy 2
Fairy Tale Fridays

Sun, Moon and Talia by Giambattista Basile

The Fairy by Charles Perrault






Joshua Alan Sturgill

I Dream a Renovation 
The CMB 
Stories from the Other World
Cape Town


Happy Release


Ghost Story Mondays:

The Man with the Roller by E. G. Swain

William Tyrwitt’s “Copy” 
by Bernard Capes

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