Benson on Fear / God is loving and just…

Darkly Bright Press is a small, independent book publisher with a focus on Uncommon Literature & Liturgical Christianity. Inspired by Welsh writer Arthur Machen’s emphasis on ecstasy in literature, our mission is to curate and spotlight such works by past voices and provide a platform for new authors, poets and artists.

“The real basis for all deep-seated fear about life is the fear that one will not be dealt  with either lovingly or just.” – A. C. Benson


Free Book in PDF Format

Where No Fear Was by Arthur Christopher BensonDarkly Bright Press offers this classic volume on Fear, its effects and its cure by English educator and author A. C. Benson. No stranger to the malady, Benson presents the topic with simplicity and straightforwardness, and does so with a patient voice that exhibits practicality in the face of fear and experience in the struggle with it. In its pages, we meet a man who is perceptive and sympathetic toward his reader as a fellow sufferer and laborer.


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