The Catalog Expands…

NEW POETRY: The Pilgrimage: Part 28 by Phillip Neal Tippin.

With joy, I’d like to announce the upcoming titles from Darkly Bright Press for the remainder of 2021. It is an ambitious slate for so small a concern, but the press has benefitted from gracious supporters and great authors, who seem to be infinitely patient with its one-man operation.

First, as has been mentioned over the last few weeks, we will be entering into dramatic territory with Jonathan Golding’s Telegonos. According to Sean Dillon, Professor and Chair for Department of Theatre Arts at University of La Verne:


For those who appreciate the grandeur of the language and form of Greek tragedy, Telegonos is a feast. With the terrible inevitability and cruel irony that comes from the heart of ancient texts, the story of Telegonos is told with luxurious language, compelling characterizations, and twists of fate that build the suspense and tease the reader onward. A very satisfying read that effectively recreates the feel of classical texts in a new and refreshing drama. Jonathan Golding has reached into ancient myth to gather his materials, and has created an impressive and original work.”

The book will present a Foreword written by poet and academic Gaelan Gilbert and includes illustrations by Megan Gilbert.

thumbnail_imageNext, I’m honored to announce the upcoming publication of Joshua Alan Sturgill’s second collection of poetry, Now A Major Motion Picture. Without a doubt, Sturgill has entered into the next phase as a poet for this new material speaks with a voice both mature and profound… confident and gentle.

To celebrate, we plan on issuing the third edition of his first book As Far As I Can Tell (2018). More information will become available as we move closer to publication.

machen-webAdditionally, to coincide with the October Inklings lecture, a new annotated edition of a long out-of-print work by the Apostle of Wonder, Arthur Machen will be published from Darkly Bright. The exact title will be announced soon.

And, next year looks darkly bright as I have plans to publish collections by two poets, one who was featured in our February release, Clearing Paths. And, of course, more Machen will be offered.

May it all be pleasing to our good God.

Christopher Tompkins, publisher

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