Poets, Ghosts & Fairy Tales Make For A Busy Week

TELEGONOS: The new Tragic Drama is ready to ship.


Happy ReleaseThis week, we’ve added THREE classic stories.

We are invited to a mystical trek In the Woods by the mysterious writer Amyas Northcote. With the encroachment of modernity, an old priest works to soothe the dead in Gertrude Atherton’s The Dead and the Countess.

The delightful classic, The Three Heads in the Well, comes from the collection, English Fairy Tales, by folklorist Joseph Jacobs.


This week, we’ve published five poems by as many poets.

Joshua Alan Sturgill: Anagogy

Benjamin Rozonoyer: Whitesun

Linda Lobmeyer: Acedia

Mark Mosely: Apostasy

Phillip Neal Tippin: The Pilgrimage, Part 36

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